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Written by Caracu   

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Senzala 50 Anos - Caracu´s Corda Vermelha 

★★★★★ The Master Label @ Rio de Janeiro-Brazil  ★★★★★

                                                                                                                  17 a 21 de julho de 2013 no Rio de Janeiro

This years 50th anniversary of the Capoeira Senzala Group is the reason for several historical events throughout may, june and july 2013, celebrating half a century of work, knowledge and culture of the Senzala Group world wide.

During the 5 day July Workshow in Rio there will be a special ceremony where Caracu will be given the Master Title and the Red Cord. This is a very special occasion for him and for his associacion Capoeira Senzala Berlin e.V..

The Senzala Group has a very special position in the world of Capoeira. It was the first group to invent itself with its hirarchy of masters and professors. It was also the first group that invented its own style of teaching classes. The 50th anniversary of this group is a historical mile stone for all capeiristas throughout all groups existing today.

Caracu has been working, learning and teaching for the Senzala Group for more than 25 years. He has spent many years teaching in Niteroi in Brasil before he was sent to teach in Portugal by Mestre Peixinho himself. After building up the Senzala Group there he decided to move to Berlin, where he has been leading the association Capoeira Senzala Berlin e.V. for 11 years until today.

Capoeira Senzala Berlin is a well known Group in Berlin and in Germany, featuring a yearly international Capoeira Event: Internationa October Meeting Berlin. This meeting had its 10 year anniversary in 2012. Caracu and his association not only attained fame by offering capoeira classes and events but have also put effort into the cultural aspects of Brasil in Germany.

International brasilian stars like Elza Soares (2011) and Luiz Melodia (2012) have performed in Berlin thanks to the association for cowds of over 800 people. There are also a series of dance events called "Forro de domingo" and M.A.C.U.M.B.A Berlin Party, which have been a melting pot for Brazilians in Berlin and Brazil Lovers.

Caracu's appointment as a Master comes at the historically most important moment for the Senzala Group - 50 years Anniversary! This celebration is not only about the masters title and the red cord - it is much more a gratification for over 25 years of hard work and fighting for the good cause. It is a recognition of a person that has aquired cultural and musical education and has trained capoeira as a sport and a form of philosophy for the largest part of his life up to date. It is the graduation of a man, who is dedicated to the group and who has become a personification the Senzala identity.

Capoeira Senzala Berlin e.V.
Verein für Capoeira und Brasilianische Kultur


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★★★★★ Capoeira - Immaterial Heritage of Brazilian Culture ★★★★★


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